Writing an Attractive Paper Introduction

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The introduction is an important part of your paper. Here is how to ensure that you write a thought-provoking introduction for your research paper.

Need the Best Introduction? Here Is What to Do

It does not matter the course you are pursuing or the topic you are expected to write on, you cannot dismiss the importance of a nice introduction. This is the first part of the paper that the readers go through after the topic. Being that people, including the professor, judge you by how you begin the paper, you have to put your best foot forward. A good introduction sends a message that you are competent and aware of what you are writing on. On the other hand, a mediocre introduction is an indication that you are either careless or completely unaware of what you are writing on.

Most students find it hard to determine the content that should be in their introductions. Here are tips that can help you make the research paper introduction magnificent.

How to Make Your Introduction Superb

You want the professor to know that you are competent right from the start. The first thing is that you need to know that your introduction depends on the subject you are handling and the length of your paper. Generally, the introduction should be brief as it only gives the background information on your topic and a brief highlight of what your paper is about.

The background information is what tells the readers why you opted for that specific topic. To make it attractive, you need to give some startling statistics on the topic. That can arouse the interest of the readers and want to find out the explanation behind the statistics that you have presented. However, you should not just throw figures that are not verified. Any data you present to the readers should be factual. Another way of making this part interesting is by presenting a disturbing fact. Otherwise, a question may also work wonders. These questions create suspense and make the readers want to find out the answer to the question from the content in the body of your paper.

Your thesis statement is what tells the professor if the paper is worth a good grade or not. It is what tells the readers the perspective you need to take as far as the paper is concerned. Therefore, the thesis statement should be clear. Besides, it should be representative of what you intend to write on. Normally, a thesis statement should be brief. Do not disclose many details because you can make the readers lose interest in the paper.

The language you use in the introduction also matters. Ensure that you place each word in a proper context. Do not use complicated vocabularies when there are other easier and more comprehensible alternatives. The paper is meant to pass a message, and the reader should understand the content right from your introduction. There should be no grammar errors or cases where punctuation marks are used improperly.